Great Plain Design ceramics

Great Plain is a collection of handcrafted, designed objects for wear or home. All pieces are made in California, with a heart based in the Plains. Inspired by: natural forms / architectural elements / Bauhaus craft spirit / music and the scenes it sets / & fellow women creators. Each functional piece creates a sculptural landscape - whether for body or home.


I have worked by hand with many mediums over most of my life, often returning to clay, textiles, and other natural materials. A Masters in Design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago led to initial jewelry experiments in slip-cast porcelain. In jewelry, I love the idea of creating sculptural objects for the body, which become something new based on who & how they are worn.

I started Great Plain Design with a nod to both my home state of Nebraska and the always-inspiring nature & landscapes surrounding me in California. 

I continue to explore sculptural forms in natural materials by hand & design, while also stretching my brain with Design Research & Strategy work.

- Sara Jacobson