Great Plain Design ceramics

Great Plain is a collection of handcrafted, designed objects for wear or home. All are made in California, with a heart based in the Plains. Inspired by the land and natural forms; structural and architectural elements that co-exist with the environment; Bauhaus explorations, and music and the scenes it sets. Each functional and context-based piece makes for sculptural landscapes, whether on the body, wall or table.

Great Plain Design is by Sara Jacobson, who has worked with many mediums over several years, but always returned to clay. Time spent pursuing a masters in design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago led to a small line of slip-cast jewelry. After a brief hiatus from clay while living in NYC, she finally returned to it in hand-building form upon moving to LA - prompted by the free-ing expanse of Southern California and its desert environs combined with newfound access to space and great materials. She started Great Plain Design with a nod to both her home state of Nebraska and the always-inspiring landscapes around her.  



Baum-kuchen - Los Angeles, CA

Poketo - Los Angeles, CA

True Blue Goods - Omaha, NE